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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Angels at Fort Hood
A few weeks ago, while innocent soldiers and civilians were taking care of business at Ft. Hood, Texas, a devastating act of terrorism occurred.  Lives were lost, others were injured, as the shooter himself was taken down by a bullet.  All Americans' hearts break for these brave men and women and their families as they paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  They are our protectors...they are our shields...they are indeed angels doing the best they can to maintain our freedoms.  In this season of Thanksgiving, may we all stop and thank them, and be thankful for them, as we go about our everyday lives.  God Bless America.
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009
I had a very special cousin named Mary who touched me with angel wind quite often.  When I was only six or seven, I would go to my aunt's house to spend the night.  Mary would always be there, playing with me and keeping me company.  At family reunions, she would take me and my younger brother to the movies so we wouldn't get bored with all the older people!  As I grew older, I would share special events in my life, and she made sure I realized how special I was.  For example, when I graduated from college, she told me how proud she was that I was the first female in the family who had gone all four years and actually earned a degree.  As the years passed, we shopped together, shared Christmases and birthdays together, and I loved her very much.  Cancer took her life at 64, and I have missed her so much.  For anyone reading this, though, if you are that person that takes time out for a child, or takes time to talk to people and make them feel special, then you create angel wind that touches others.  God bless you!  Not everyone has that ability!
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Policemen are angels, too!
Today we buried Norman Smith, a Dallas police officer who was killed in the line of duty.  I didn't get to attend his funeral, but it made me want to stop every officer I saw on the streets and tell them thank you for the job they do for all of us each day.  Officer Smith was a wonderful man; the officers who defend us, who fight the bad guys for us, who risk their lives each day, are all heroes in my book.  They are truly angels.  They bring bears and coats to children in the winter; they help feed the homeless; they try to save animals when they can; they raid drug dealers' homes in efforts to get drugs off of the streets; they come to schools as SRO's and try to help young people who are learning to make the right choices in their lives; and above all, they do their best to protect us.  Many times they are laughed at or called names by those ignorant people who can't see what they do for us on a continual basis.  Thank God for police officers.  May He guard over them as they go about their business!
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Teacher Angels
A new school year is around the corner for most Americans; millions of children will be entering for the first time or returning to school.  Parents are entrusting their babies to the teachers awaiting them.  Teachers are so very wonderful.  Like Oprah, I admire them so much.  Research says that teachers must make around 5,000 decisions a day!  Most of them get to school way before they have to, and many leave way after the final bell has rung.  They are eager to do the right thing for each child.  They strive to make each child feel welcomed to their classroom.  They view each soul sitting in their class as a challenge; they want them to be successful; they want them to soar academically; they want the best for each child.  Please take time this year to thank a teacher for all that they do.  It is oftentimes a thankless job...students who are apathetic, parents who are non-supportive, administrators who bombard them with demands.  An encouraging word from you would go a long way in validating them!  Yes, teachers are angels to many children.  God bless teachers!
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

My inspiration for this site
Earlier this summer, I was on my patio doing some morning Bible reading when I ran across a verse in Hebrews 1:7.  It says, "And of the angels God says, 'Who makes His angels winds, and His ministers a flame of fire.'"  (NASB)  In the Living Bible, the same verse reads, "God speaks of His angels as messengers swift as the wind and as servants made of flaming fire."  I started thinking about angel wind...maybe what we feel when someone says they are praying for us, or when someone sends you an unexpected card to say they love you.  I think we feel angel wind when we see human kindness in action; fire fighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, teachers...these are just a few of the heroic people who impact others' lives and make a difference.  When a volunteer searches for a lost child or takes a meal to a homebound person or gets involved in a prison ministry, all of these are examples of God's work being done.  Precious caregivers are fueled by angel wind; they tirelessly attend to the needs of someone they love.  These are all thoughts that passed through my mind that morning, and this weekend, the idea of creating this site hit me.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it actually, but I wanted to have it here for when I DO decide what to do with it!!!!  Thank you for visiting to check it out! 
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